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Encouraging post from Hugh Howey for the self-publishers out there. A very good article from Locus magazine for the SF and Fantasy writers out there. Most libraries carry this magazine, btw.HughHowey

‘‘Looking back, it is hard to remember if I was completely satisfied or if I was impatient. I remember not being worried about the rate that things were going. In three years I’d published seven or eight books, and in three years I’d sold three to five thousand copies. With everything I knew about self-publishing, that was phenomenal. With everything I knew about traditional publishing, that would be OK if you did that in one year with one book.”

(2013-12-01). Locus Magazine, Issue 635, December 2013 (Kindle Locations 275-278). Locus Publications. Kindle Edition.



Indies Are Getting Clobbered by Big Name eBook Discounts

“If you’ve been following ebook news over the past 6 months then you’ve noticed that ebook prices have tended to drop. In fact, the average prices of ebook bestseller lists have shown a fairly consistent downward trend for the past year as more and more titles exit agency price controls and enter the free market.”

Why Your Book Page is UN-Selling Your Book

This afternoon, I am re-blogging a post by Jeff Bennington over at “The Writing Bomb”.

In this post, Jeff discusses a consulting engagement with an aspiring author. They are specifically discussing pricing and the value of your Amazon Author Page (Amazon Author Central).

This post is very detailed, and provides applicable suggestions for all self-publishing authors.

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Links to posts & articles about publishing/self-publishing.

It’s a link roundup!

I found a bunch of good publishing links this week because, well, I was looking for them!

Charles has a great list of resources on this post.

Neil Gaiman at the London Book Fair:
BoingBoing is awesome, btw.

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Forbes Magazine: Self-published authors are control freaks?

Self-Publishing Is For Control Freaks

How Important is ebook Cover Art?

My discussion about self-publishing completes with info from the famous Jane Friedman.

How to Publish an E-Book: Resources for Authors

I have decided, for now :), to self-publish this book when it is time. I really thought that I needed an agent and the traditional path. Certainly the success of other self-published authors has caused me to examine the map more carefully.

I have turned off the main road to take the route toward self-publishing.
Some of the stops I think are along the way:

  1. First Stop: I need a quality Product
    1. I need readers and feedback (have some)
    2. I need an editor (pretty sure I have one)
    3. I need help with artwork (my wife has a good eye)
    4. I need layout (I can probably do this part)
  2. Second Stop: I need a marketing plan
    1. Who are my target readers
    2. Why would they want to spend ~8 hours of the life in this book
    3. etc (I have a couple good templates)
  3. Third Stop: Distribution/Placement
    1. Kindle all the way?
    2. What are my necessary channels?
  4. Fourth Stop: Promotion
    1. What unique ways (cheap ways) can I promote the book?
  5. Fifth Stop: Price
    1. hmmm

This is a work in progress. I’m trying to follow the 4 p’s of marketing.

As usual for Wednesday, here is a good post on the Pros & Cons of self-publishing

The post I’m sharing today contains information from an informal survey of 33 different authors who self-publish. They respond using the format below, and some also comment about marketing tips that helped their sales. I think you’ll find this a constructive post to read if you are wondering about sales.
Author Name
Total number of self-published titles:
Total number of self-published sales in 2010:
Total number of self-published sales in 2011:
Total number of self-published sales in 2012:
Total number of self-published sales so far in 2013:
Most successful book in 2012 and how many sold: Book ###

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