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On Sundays I reflect on bands whose music I enjoyed last week.
Maybe this can help your music discovery?

Soundtracking top ten: 20130421
Sarah Jaffe (singer-songwriter)
Porcupine Tree (progressive rock/metal)
St. Vincent (Indie Art Rock)
Sarah Jarosz (Bluegrass)
Buke and Gase (Experimental Indie Rock)
The Thermals (Indie Punk Rock)
The Summer Set (Powerpop)
The History of Apple Pie (Dream Pop/Shoegaze)
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (Indie Folk Rock)
The Appleseed Cast (post-rock)

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Peavey T-40. Mmmm. I have one just like this (except mine has staining from use).

These 4-stringers are heavy. And I mean eighch double ee vee wai, heeeeveee. You can easily slay small woodland creatures with one swing from this axe. Possibly even mid to large sized, but that’s a different post. The pickups have some really cool, powerful wiring. You’ll have to look in the manual, I forgot. Sorry already.

This baby is also slap-able. I believe it was a monster slap machine in the 80’s. Currently, some people call it a poor man’s Rickenbacker. I’ve owned a Rickenbacker 4001. I don’t think it is a good poor man’s Rickenbacker. Actually, a poor man’s Rickenbacker is the Rickenbacker 4001/3, because you are poor after you buy it. 😀

But, seriously, play this gal (or guy) with a pick and you will get some aggressive tones (roundwounds required). I’ve also played my darlin with flats and she was more sultry. Still sounded great. It does have a massive bridge like a Rickey. It also has a metal nut. Metal. Nice.

The best part about this bass guitar is that you can pick one up for under $500 on or ripoffbay.

This was Fingerstyle Friday. Keep Thumpin!

What’s exciting in the new releases today?

Well, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album “Mosquito”! of course. But, can I be shallow? I don’t like the album cover. At all. But, I’m not sure what I expect. They are a wild bunch, and I’m just a codger. The music was good, as usual from Karen O and crew.

I also liked what I heard of the new Fall Out Boy’s album “Save Rock and Roll”. If you like Panic at the Disco, you already know Fall Out Boy.

I’m interested in the new Jane Monheit recording (Jazz Vocalist). We’ve seen her at a club a couple years back. Amazing singer.

There’s a bunch of other good stuff that I haven’t made it through yet (Spotify rocks).
– Carla Bruni, if you like listening to a chanteuse (I do sometimes)
– Iron & Wine, 
I need to listen again to a few songs. They didn’t really catch me first time around. He’s usually awesome.
– I have about 15-20 more artists in my new music playlist. Everything from Willie Nelson & Steve Earle to The Flaming Lips & Major Lazer.

Here’s a similar post from a fellow new music lover: Check it!


51′ (reissue) Fender Precision Bass (Sting model)

I’m an author. I’m also a bass player. I’m a finger-style player (well, pick…sometimes)

So, as a Friday celebration feature I will start posting pictures and tributes to my favorite basses.

Today, the 1951 Fender Precision “p” Bass. Sometimes called a “Tele” bass because the headstock matches the telecaster guitar. The bass is a slab style with a single pickup. I’ve only played a reissue (like the one pictured) but enjoyed its unique sound. One of the famous players of the 1951 fender precision is Sting from The Police.

Rock on!

New “Paramore” album by Paramore

New “Stars in Stereo” by Starts in Stereo

My vote this Tuesday goes to Paramore and Stars in Stereo. They are similar sounding with Paramore being the more experienced and well known of the bands. It’s not really my genre, but I love the energy and intensity.

Also out this week is a new Dawes album for those looking for something a bit more mellow. And, kudos to M83 on their Oblivian soundtrack. I’ve liked everything I’ve heard so far. If you are a metal head there are new offerings from Drowning Pool and Stone Sour.

As usual, a bunch of good new music. Happy listening and ROCK ON!

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