I completed Frankenstack this week. This is for my bass playing. I cobbled together one of my son’s amps, current amp, and an old practice amp. Franken is driven by my Sansamp RBI. The bass plugs into the RBI. The RBI is set to emulate an Ampeg SVT sound. There are four outputs in the back. One of them is fed into the input jack of the Vox D15 guitar amp, it’s a 1×10″ speaker. I set all the tone controls for treble. The next RBI output is fed into my Ampeg SVT3Pro which is using a Bag End S12-D, a 1×12″ speaker. I have the mid range boosted here, with a little bit of bass. The Ampeg is also connected via an effects loop to my tuner, distortion, analog delay and analog chorus, tremolo, and a BBE Sonic Stomp (don’t gig without one 🙂 ). Finally, a third feed from the RBI runs to the Peavey Max115, a 1×15″ speaker. The Peavey is tuned for the low end. It’s not about volume. It’s about tone. It sounds pretty decent. It was fun to build Frankenstack.


No, I’m not fishing.

Peavey T-40 1978

I am still having a hard time concentrating, so the writing part of me is in hibernation. But, I did pull this guy out today. Haven’t played since the end of October. I played scales with fingers, slap, and pick. Felt good to have it in my hands again.

Lakland 55-02 bass

Lakland 55-02 (Skyline)

This is my main bass. 5-string. With DR Fatbeams (Marcus Miller). I can get a near precision bass tone, a good jazz bass tone, and supposedly a MM Stingray tone. All maple neck/fretboard. With a mighty swing of this axe one could send medium to large woodland creatures to their heaven. This is one versatile bass.

Why would you want to own one? More than just protection from woodland creatures, this baby is a tone monster. Slapalapable (except I’m turrible). Tight “B” string, because of its 35″ neck, and sturdy. And it’s hella cheaper than the 55-94 5-String (its boutique cousin).

Lakland 55-94 5-string cake

55-94 5-string

Ok, I admit it. Not a fair comparison. A cake vs a real bass. One is probably yummy, one sounds yummy. One feels nice on your fingers, the other gets your fingers messy. See, that’s why you want the 55-02. Order it from, they’re cool, and bassy and stuff. Get black and maple. Cause it’s darker than the other paint jobs.

Well, that’s fingerstyle friday. Has little to nothing to do with writing, or novels, or being an author. But…bass players are cool…and remember:

What do you call a beautiful woman on a bassist’s arm?
A tattoo

Keep it low. 😀

Rickenbacker 4001 jetglo

This is my Friday break from writing, editing, synopsising, platforming, …ing and focus on my other love…bass guitars.

For some players, this is the holy grail of bass goodness. Especially for progressive rock bassists. I used to own one. WHYYYyyyy!

The 4001 is brutally awesome in songs like “Sober” by Tool, “Closer to the Heart” by Rush, “Close to the Edge” by Yes, “Orion” by Metallica. Any Beatles song when Paul wasn’t playing his Hofner violin bass.

The Ricky is an all maple masterpiece, heavy masterpiece. Match this bass with a 70’s Ampeg SVT and an 8×10 cabinet and you will be able to cause destruction to china cabinets and hearing loss to small woodland creatures.

This is not meant to be an all inclusive history of the Rick post. That…That would take a book. And an author. And…no, not going to write it.

Take some time today and spin a song that has one of your favorite Rick players. Your world will be a better place.

Here’s a shortened list of cool Rick players.

This was Fingerstyle Friday:Rickenbacker 4001
Hope you enjoyed the bass of the week.


Have you ever wondered about the bass tone in Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade”? Yes? Great, I understand. Because you wanted to know, I’ve included a signal chain used by RATM bass player Tim Commerford. This is not the whole secret to his tone, but a nice setup for sure!

Fender Musicmaster Bass Guitar

I don’t have my first bass anymore. I think this looks like mine. I must have been 12? I don’t remember. My parents (who were awesome) allowed me (bought me) a bass guitar. What was the first song I “learned”. It was the 70’s. What song did every kid learn first in the 70’s. “Smoke on the Water”. I never did play it correctly, but boy did I ever duhn duhn duhn, duhn duhn, dun dun, thousands of times. Ah…those were the days.

What? You mean you’ve never heard “We all came out to Montreux, On the Lake Geneva shoreline”; “Smoke on the water, fire in the sky”.

I don’t play my bass very often these days (just a phase), but when I do, I use DR Marcus Miller Fat Beams. ;0

These strings are stainless steel and wound tightly. They feel good on your right hand when plucking or thumping (or left if you are a lefty). I love them. I used to play Rotosounds, but they die soooo quickly. The DRs have a long life and look mahvelous.

Here’s a crowd sourced review on (a great bass player resource)

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