Macro Editing?

Yo self,

You’ve been editing line by line. Your brain hurt last night and you couldn’t focus enough for that style of editing. So, when faced with failure, redefine success.

Last night you progressed paragraph by paragraph through the whole first three chapters. Each got a “good”, “slow”, “more”, “split”, or a semi-violent black wavy line. You were surprised. You probably thought the first chapter was the most complete, but…no, no its not. You seemed encouraged by the amount of paragraphs marked “good”, or “more”, as in “good, but needs more content”. The pp’s marked “redo” shouldn’t freak you out. It’s all good. You can do this thing. The ideas in those pp’s are good. The problem in those pp’s is that you sound like a reporter instead of a storyteller. Shape up. Also, sometimes you MC is channeling some inner academic instead of using their own voice. Let’s keep it to one personality per character, ok? Great. That was fun, right? Tonight, you can pick the “redo’s”, or “split’s”, or “more’s”. Edit like your life depends on it, because it does.

  1. Thank you for opening up and letting yourself be vulnerable during your process. I’m sure the act is progressive for you as well, but know that it means a lot to be able to read and see the inner workings, struggles, and progression of a fellow writer. Taking the incredible worlds we conceive and attempting to express them to the fullest extent through means of the cruder representations that words are is fundamentally an impossible endeavor; so yes it’s going to be grueling – but when it’s accomplished that makes it worth all that much more.
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • tyroper said:

      Thank you. This is like my writing diary and accountability partner. During tough days I find encouragement in some of the posts. I am pleased if it helps others during this marathon called writing a novel.

  2. thenerdyscribe said:

    Hi it is
    Schizophrenia Awareness Day – May 24th

    People can show support by wearing purple on this day. Really excited about this cuz it gives me an excuse to go shopping for purple duds! 😀 No pressure to wear purple though if you do not want to! Just thought it was something neat to know about. 🙂

    • tyroper said:

      on my calendar now
      I need to find out the date for bipolar awareness day

      • thenerdyscribe said:

        Will let you know if I find it using google 🙂

      • thenerdyscribe said:

        I found it!

        Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day is part of Mental Health Awareness Week (1-7 October). It was created by the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Abbott Laboratories, in 1990, to increase awareness of bipolar disorder, promote early detection and accurate diagnosis, reduce stigma, and minimize the devastating impact on the 2.3 million Americans presently affected by the disorder. Taking place on the Thursday of Mental Health Awareness Week

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